A bit about me.

How I got Started

I wouldn’t say I’m your typical “hacker”, I wasn’t really into computers when I was younger, only learnt to code a few years ago and was pretty late getting myself to uni (not that you have to get a degree to get into security).

I was really just looking for a career change after several years in the military, I’d had enough of that lifestyle and needed something different – but equally challenging. I can’t remember exactly where it all started, but I do recall seeing an advert for codeacademy and thinking “it can’t hurt to learn that”, I was pretty much instantly hooked.

I eventually left my job and decided that without any relevant experience, I should probably get a degree. The added bonus here being that I could spend a few years chilling out, never working weekends and actually having time to see family and friends.

The first few months of uni is where I got my first taste of infosec. I enrolled in the cyber security challenge UK and started doing their challenges. I eventually made it to a masterclass (national final), hosted by QinetiQ. This was a pretty awesome experience, even if I spent most of the time staring at wireshark.

After all of this things speed up. I started doing my own research in my spare time (mainly in exploit dev). I completed offsec’s PwK course and got the OSCP certification. Managed to get onto a vulnerability research internship with a really good company over the summer. Competed in the European Cyber Security Challenge in 2016 as the U.K team lead.

This Blog

This is basically going to be a place where I keep writeups of my research, any decent CTF challenges I do, courses I take and things like that. The rest of the posts will be less “here’s my life story” and more “check out this exploit”.


If you’re reading this and you aren’t sure where to start (something I get asked a lot), the following set of resources should be helpful (at least they were to me):

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